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1726 Washington Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 503-657-9336
Contact: David Porter
Hours: Call or visit the website to confirm hours and presentations. March through October, Sunday - Saturday.

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End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


Beginning in the 1840's more than 300,000 people began their Oregon Trail journey, living and writing their stories, one day at a time.  Share in these stories with a visit to the dynamic End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Living history presentations, "Bound for Oregon", an experience in digital cinema, exhibits of artifacts and heirlooms from the trail and pioneer living activities provide a unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

"Bound for Oregon"... An original 30-minute production that brings to the screen in their own words the voices, stories and experiences of four pioneers who traveled the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail in the 1840's for the "promised land". The "virtual" character of Dr. John McLoughlin narrates the story. Native American speakers voice their reactions to the increasing numbers of pioneers crossing their lands.

Living History... Presenters bring to life the excitement of the Oregon trail journey in the Missouri Provisioners' Depot.

The Willamette Trades & Craft Workshop... Experience life in 1840's Oregon City through demonstrations and hands-on activities in the Willamette Trades & Craft Workshop. Here a group of children busily pack a wagon with supplies for the trip to their new home in Oregon.

The George Abernethy & Co. Merchandise Store... A variety of heritage items and Northwest handcrafts are available in the George Abernethy & Co. Merchandise General Store.

About Your Visit... Each visit to the Interpretive Center includes a time-specific living history presentation and "Bound for Oregon" show in a theater setting. Hands-on activites from pioneer life and exhibits complete the experience. Visitors spend an average of 2 hours at the Center.

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